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Our story begins with the hunt for a criminal.

This is a ruthless, merciless, no-warning, "hit you when you're not looking" Villain.


His name is Cringe O. Worthy.

He is not human...

he is an interplanetarion War Moron sending soldiers made of molten dust

into a world of inhabitants accustomed to flavorful food... drink and smoke.

Choosing the most obvious advantage, they attack those who enjoy smoking.


With a vengience, they would attack their palates with a gritty dust of discomfort...


A group called the  American Smoking Heritage   (ASH) 

formed a project called the

"Hideous Opening Letting Everything Spew" ...project. (HOLES)


This led to the capture of Cringe Worthy in 2016,

due to the creation of the "super cell" to contain him... and all of his minions.  


Today...  a whole ash can be defeated by an Ash Hole.



As told by our Artist...and Ash Historian friend... Daryl T.

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