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screens for glass pipes
Glass Pipe Screen in a glass pipe

CRG Solutions has redesigned the screen for glass pipes, chillums & one hitters.

A revolutionary new design puts the screen at the mouthpiece instead of the bowl.

Now there is a solution to the soot in your mouth.

If you do not like getting ash in your mouth from your glass pipe, and let's face it, who does.

 You no longer have to put up with this problem.

Introducing Ash Holes!

Ash Holes are designed to do one thing, Keep the ash & resin out of your mouth!

Reusable & easy to clean, Ash Holes Screens are an inexpensive solution to a very annoying problem.

We think once you have tried your pipe with an Ash Hole, you will never want to use it again without one. 

Ash Holes are reusable screens for glass pipes making them an excellent value.

Ash Holes screens are durable enough to last the life of your pipe.


"I found it at our local head shop, Pype Hipe in Bismarck, ND.  I appreciate this product very much. I have bought so much glass product over the years in one shape or another trying to keep the ash/resign from spoiling the "fun".  Now I can love all my pieces again! WOOHOO!!"


"Bravo, for real!"


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Thanks again,"


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No more


in your


how to keep the ash out of your mouth

Product Information

Package of Ash Hole Screens

Ash Holes are currently available in 1 size to fit most openings. A larger size is coming soon for larger openings. They will not fit into exrtremlly small openings.

A package of Ash Holes contains 2 reusable screens

$6.99 per package

Ash Hole Screen
Ash Hole Screen

Easy to use​  & Clean 

Made From an FDA Food Grade LSR Material

Adds no odor or taste

Forms an air tight seal  

Durable enough to last the life of your pipe            Made in the U.S.A.                 

An alternative screen for your glass pipe

Blaze an Ash Hole Screen Character
Ashely Ash Hole
The Best Friend Your Pipe Will Ever Have

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It has often been asked, do you need a screen in a glass pipe? The answer is a resounding YES, but the right screen. Ash Hole Screens!

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